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I began my selling journey in 2019 with an Initial investment of £200. I had several years experience with other income streams such as matched betting but the world of FBA had long fascinated me.

I decided I would expand my business without further investment and purely by compounding of funds as a challenge to myself. I also did not use credit cards or lending for the first 2 years.

During this time whilst working a full time job and becoming a new parent I scaled the business to 700k revenue/year.

In 2022 I took the decision to leave my 12 year career in Engineering to focus on my business full time. In the subsequent 8 months I scaled the business to a £1.6m per year company. I have then pushed this up to £2.3m in 2023

I have used VA’s briefly but believe there to be more value in sourcing yourself due to it being the largest contributing factor to your profits, the only service I currently outsource is prep.

I’ve always had an interest in income generation outside of a 9-5 and I have a passion for sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained with others…

Calls can be tailored around clients needs but I can provide advice on areas such as sourcing skills, time optimisation, getting started as a seller….


I started selling on Amazon in December 2021 and now have over two years experience. During 2023 my business passed £1.1m in revenue, mainly through the Online Arbitrage model (OA) - All whilst I continue to work a full time job!

I have a strong understanding in all core areas of an Amazon FBA business such as sourcing, understanding Keepa, building systems, being time efficient and everything else involved to help grow your business.

The calls can be tailored to you and cover any topics that you need support with. No matter how far you are in your Amazon selling journey, with the right support and guidance your goals are achievable!


If you are a new seller looking to start your Amazon business or have already started and looking to grow the business this one hour call will provide value in how to plan and reach those goals.

As an experienced Amazon FBA seller with over 4 years of experience having learnt from scratch and made the mistakes that you won't have to.

With a 2023 revenue of £845k with primarily OA focus
I have the knowledge of all the core areas to help you optimise and grow your business. This will be tailored to your individual business and the areas in which you need to focus.


Hear from those who have experienced the benefits and view the satisfaction from the results that can be achieved.


I saw Tom's aspirational monthly FBA figures and knew I needed to learn more. Tom was understanding with my schedule and family commitments and worked around those for which I'm very grateful.
The call itself ran over because we had so much to talk about! We covered a range of topics and burning questions I had, and more importantly Tom showed me what my sourcing had been missing.
He also convinced me to setup my repricer with his recommended rules and my January is already 25% better than this time in December. I'd wholeheartedly recommend the mentoring.

Tom H

I’ve had a few calls with Tom now and you can see why his figures are as good as they are. He’s given me so much knowledge, it’s changed the way I source and my numbers are now reflecting it big time! Even answered all my questions after our calls, can tell he wants his clients to do well.

James D

Tom offered insight on our calls which I was not applying to my Amazon business which resulted in an upturn in revenue. Over the two calls we had he explained his sourcing methods, time management skills and pricing strategies. He is a massive seller in the arbitrage space and it was a pleasure to be able to pick his brain. He's a top guy and extremely helpful, would recommend his mentoring to anyone looking to get involved with Amazon or already involved.

Sam L

Toms numbers speak for themselves so booked myself a call with him to see how I can push myself to the next step. He offered some great advice around sourcing, time management and also making the most out of the rewards with OA. During the call I realised how lazy I have become with sourcing and just relying on my VA's to do the hard work. Sourcing is the highest ROI activity with OA and something I need to improve on massively over the next few months. I have already started to implement the things I have learnt and looking forward to pushing myself to hit the next stage. Thanks for the help

Ellis H

I would really recommend mentoring calls with tom, hes very knowledgeable in the amazon space and has been able to answer all the questions ive had. ive had one call so far and with the information he has shared it has paid for itself straight away. I struggled to find a mentor who was the real deal and could push me to the next level but now i have i will be having regular calls and im really looking forward to the next year for my business.

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